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About Hotelphilosophy

Hotelphilosophy is a dynamic hotel management company that stands out in the Italian luxury hotel industry for its cosmopolitan and eclectic style, that blends in with the location and takes inspiration from the most contemporary style trends. The brand includes 3 design hotels and resorts set in the most extraordinary Italian locations and 2 business hotels. The amazing Hotelphilosophy hotels and resorts are models of architecture and high hospitality.


Andilon Srl a Socio Unico
Capitale sociale €10.000,00 iv
Iscrizione  al  Registro   Imprese  di  Milano
C.F. e P. IVA 07546200960 - R.E.A. MI 1966223
Via  Locchi,  3 - 20156 Milan
Ph. +39 0200646760
Fax  +39 0200646761

Società soggetta ad attività di direzione coordinamento da parte di Hi Real S.p.A (già Unione Alberghi Italiani)

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